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At first sight, some would believe a Wolfkin is a werewolf, and try to slay them with something silver until they realise they can talk. The biggest difference is the size, as werewolves are much larger and more feral in appearance. Probably the most obvious indication is that Wolfkin often have tribal ornamentation, or carry weapons and other gear. But mistakes still happen, and there is little to cure ignorance. The Wolfkin are a proud race of bipedal canine that live primarily in nomadic tribes. Their people produce some of the best hunters in the world, and are fierce fighters when defending their territory. Tribes will typically lay claim to areas that they will then move around in from season to season. Some tribes build semi permanent structures, while others have specific caves dwellings they will inhabit.

In the past, the Wolfkin rarely had dealings with outsiders. They are very selective of who they tolerate, let alone converse with, but they have a unique relationship with some Wood Elf tribes. Most Wolfkin are spiritual, and revere both the entities of nature, and their ancestors. Though physically powerful, and able fighters, they rarely choose conflict, let alone go to war. Their nomadic lifestyle does not allow a large number of them at any one time, so gathering an army any kind is unheard of.

On rare occasion in history, Wolfkin tribes would band together, or even ask for outside help, to deal with common threats, such as Orc Hordes or demonic incursions into the forest.

During the formation of the Commonwealth, some Wolfkin tribes accepted membership into the new union, living in Everglade Forest, and some of the norther woods. Unlike their Dogfolk cousins, these tribes remain nomadic, but created trading posts that would allow for some consistent form of contact. Though it is still uncommon to find Wolfkin roaming the city streets, there are a handful that are bold enough to venture out from the familiarity of the tribe. These rare few often become adventurers and even knights.

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Standing on two legs, the average Wolfkin stands at 6 foot 5" to a little over 7 feet tall. Fur colour ranges from dark brown, grey, black, and white in some cases. This is usually an indication from what region or tribe they are from. Eye colours vary, but brown and blue are quite common. They fangs and claws are normally well maintained, but still retain their ferocious quality.

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