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The weapons and armour found in Ixallia are varied, from daggers to firearms. Most still use swords and bows as it is easier to come by and maintain. The use of enchanted defenses and magical arts has also made firearms no more of a threat than an augmented bow or crossbow. That said, the tools for defense and offence are diverse.




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Expertly crafted gear and weapons are often to referred to ask Mastercraft or Masterwork items. While some have come to mistaken these items as magical, most are not. They are merely well made by a skilled smith.

However, most of these items can be enchanted, to enhance or add a magical property. Because of how well made they are, most Masterwork items can withstand the stress of being imbued with magical energies, while less items would be destroyed.

Modification & AugmentationEdit

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Weapons and armour can also be modified or augmented in non magical ways. A new grip can be applied to

allow for better stability (disadvantage vs disarm), or a light chain shirt under the breastplate (+1 AC). While these changes don't made the item magical, they do add a practical aspect that many adventurer exploit for both cost and effectiveness. After all, you don't need magical bow to kill a charging orc. Sometimes a sight and a modified arrow will do just fine, and not cost you thousands of gold.







Fantasy Academia

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Of course, like almost anything, weapons and armour can be imbued with magical properties. Most give an enhancement boost to the one who wears or wields it in someway, but some magics can grant elemental abilities or other more powerful things like teleportation or immunity to poisons. Typically, an item needs to be created by a master craftsman or smith in order for this to be possible, but some items have the magic woven into it as it is being made. This requires a powerful magic user known as an Artificer. Spirits and other entities have also been known to creature or imbue magic into items.

The more powerful the Artificer or entity, the more potent the magic. In most cases, the magic fades over time become normal items. On occasion, these can recharge for further use. Some, more rare items become more powerful overtime. In these cases, they require someone who is able to handle such power. If not, the item can be destroyed, along with the one who holds it. .


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