The Gifted Few Edit

Magic in Ixallia is treated much like the seasons are, just part of nature. However, not everyone can easily use this mystical force, and many train their whole lives to be able to cast spells or transform into a cat. Then there are those with a natural gift for magic. Whether is because of lineage, or a seemingly random occurrence, Sorcerers posses a strong connection to the pure magic. They are able casting spells as easily as walking, and some can even breath fire like a dragon.

Other races, like the elves, already learned to live with these gifted individuals a long time ago, but in most human societies there is a spectrum of attitudes from astonishment to fear. In places like the Commonwealth, Sorcerers are mostly accepted, but required to train as soon as their abilities become apparent in order to control their power. But in other places, like in some of the Free Kingdoms, Sorcerers are seen as curses and abominations, often persecuted or killed on sight.

Aside from the occasional fire breathing, a practice Sorcerer is nearly indistinguishable from other mages. While natural talent can play a large role in one's development, hard work and dedication to magical study can be just as potent. Some Sorcerers go their whole lives without ever becoming a mage, preferring to live a quiet life like everyone else. But those that do embrace their power, often become notable figures, for better or for worse.

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