Righteous Fury Edit


by Sora Kim -

Paladins are knights that have taken up a strict code to uphold specific virtues. Similar to the Clerics, the

Paladins can channel some divine power to strengthen their resolve and smite their enemies. Most Paladin Orders are seen as a relic from a bygone age. A private military organisation with very loose ties to the proper governing bodies. They most answer to their own authority, and often like to involve themselves in matters that are not their concern.

However, they are still viewed with great respect and admiration by many. There are even some that still value their wisdom, and will often not question their word in matters of law and order. Not all Paladins operate in this way though. Some orders are actually part of society, with some running and taking up office as justices of court in some towns and cities. This not only adds to their legitimacy, but has also improved their public perception in recent years.

Bloody Past Edit

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By Kim Gimgyeonghwan

The order of the Paladins were once the dominant authority in the land. The history of the Paladins are filled with noble deeds of valour, honour, and courage, but it also also steep in blood, cruelty, and inquisition.

Long ago, an order of knight began to combine the power of the divine with their own martial prowess, and created a new order of righteous warriors, seeking justice for those who had been wronged. For a time, this was an age of heroic figures and tales of hope against evil. But even the most righteous can be corrupted.

At the height of their power, a horrible plague broke out. A darkness has spread throughout the land, rotting the land, and transforming the living into mindless undead. Desperate, the Paladin Orders marched against this evil, using any means necessary. If a village even showed signs of sickness, it would be quarantined, and raised to the ground. The apex of this insanity came when Paladin Lord Commander Yorrick was sent to defend the town of Ashenvale from a horde of undead. After weeks of fighting, Yorrick used the guise of going for reinforcements to evacuate his troops. With the local militia and residences as bait, he lured the undead into the town walls, sealed the gates, and burned Ashenvale to the ground. The irony of the town's name was not lost on anyone.

Yorrick was striped of his rank, and excommunicated from the order, but the damage was done. The Paladins had lose the respect and trust of the people, and they most were striped of any legal authority they once had. This was a dark time, and one that many still remember.

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