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by Hui-Won Park on ArtStation

The world of Ixalia is a world home to many peoples, races, cultures, and countless other creatures. Diverse ecosystems across the planet allow for a wide range of animals, monsters, and other beings to flourish. While some of these regions are naturally forming, others are magically produced from a number of sources that are either direct or indirect. Floating islands and isles add to the landscape of great mountain ranges, canyons, and seas of


Ixalia is also orbited by 6 moons, each a slightly different hue from the next, with some home to powerful beings that occasionally grant blessings or bestow curses upon the mortals below. These celestial bodies also influence the natural and magical energies of the planet in various ways, with some harnessing this power for their own ends.

Red Moon -

Blue Moon -

Green Moon -

Yellow Moon -

Purple Moon -

Silver Moon -


By Tyler Edlin on ArtStation

Many empires rise to power and fall, leaving behind their legacy for adventurers and scholars alike to rediscover. Many mysteries lay beneath the surface and in plain sight, and only those with the courage to step forward will have their opened to new frontiers.




Spell-Tech Edit


By Tyler Edlin on ArtStation

As a natural progression, the combination of the arcane and alchemy, now called science, has lead to melding of the two. Called Spell-Tech, or Maji-Tech, this unique blend of real world physics and engineering with the awesome power of magical energies and spells has launched the world into a new age of advancement.

Cities streets shine brightly in the dark, clean purifying sewers offer clean running water, and travel has never been easier with airships dotting the skies and trains roaring through the countryside.


By Unknown Artist

While swords and sorcery are still effective means of attack and defence, firearms have made things a little bit easier. While firearms do not require as much skill to operate, a trained marksman is still a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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