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Perhaps the smallest of all the races, Mouslings are peace loving folk that inhabit the grassy hills of the

western plains. Most Mouslings prefer quiet and good food, often becoming farmers and fishers. However, when pressed up against a wall, they can exhibit surprising bravery.

Not as physically able as other races, Mouslings rely on their wits, cunning, and a bit of magic to evade their foes. This makes them very good rangers, and scouts.

Many of the Mousling states are independent, but there are those that joined the grand alliance that eventually became the Commonwealth. These Mouslings are often seen in the merchants and traders, but the brave few become adventures or even join the military. In fact, one of the Commonwealth's famous heroes is Sir Ethan Whitetail, a knight and hero of the Battle of Ironstone River.

Their long time rivals are the Ratfolk, with conflicts breaking out between the two Rodentia races for centuries. Most of the time, these disputes are over land, and resources. It is rare to see these two get along, let alone in the same room together with killing each other. Mouslings do not enjoy fighting, and few things get them fired up like the mention of the Ratfolk.

Appearance Edit

Mouslings are small, not very strong, and often can take a punch. What they lack in physical ability, they make for cunning, intelligence, and even some magic. These bipedal Rodentia are not very tall, with most barely reaching 3 feet at full adulthood.

Mouslings from the country tend to have black to brown coats of thick fur, and longer tails. Those that come from the city can sometimes have a lighter colour, a shorter tail, and a bit taller than their countryside cousins.

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