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Mounts offer a novel way to travel, but they can be utilized a variety of other purposes besides just transportation. Domesticated creatures can be used to help transport gear, be road into combat, or even be trained to get aid should the need arises. Though horses and mules are in common use, different regions can offer adventures with other types more suited to their needs or preferences.

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Almost anything that walks, crawls, slithers, or even rolls can be domesticated into a mount. In the northern the famed

Ram Hammers are dwarven warriors that use large goats as their mounts into combat. To the east in the Everglade Forests, the wood elves are infamous for their connection of a variety of woodland creatures that they ride atop such as dire wolves and red elks.

The list below are some of the well known species that have been known to be road by adventures and knights alike.

Creature Things to know before buying...
Horses The most common type of mount. They are bred often, and come in a variety of colours and breeds.
Warhorses Stronger, faster, and more durable than the average horse. These beasts are bred for war, meant to smash through enemies likes like kindling.
Donkeys or Mules Normally used as transports and baggage carriers. They don't do well under a lot of stress, but are very strong.
Pony A small horse, its adorable
Mastiff Everyone likes dog, so someone decided to breed a big one to ride. They end up having a lot of back problems later in life.
Dire Wolf Strong, ferocious, and deadly. Its easier to bond with them when they are young, and will often only allow only that person to ride them. Good luck trying to mount someone else's.
Bear These are not cuddly, and are bearly friendly (get it?). These creatures are easy enough to befriend and domestic, but are difficult mounts since they have to go up on their hind legs to use their front paws. But someone riding an armoured bear into a fight is scary though.
Camel Durable, and smelly, they are great for desert travel.
Rams & Goats They are excellent for traversing mountainous and rocky regions. Not the brightest of creatures, but they are cuddly.
Large Pigs Its slow, sturdy, and will eat pretty much anything you put in front of it. Its a pig.
Giant Boar Unlike the pig, boars are fierce and deadly, and surprisingly fast for their size. Their tusk adds to their combat abilities. Dwarves like to ride them into battle, and for good reason. They are devastation when armoured up.
Elephant Not the easier animal to breed, or raising, or riding for that matter. But when a 5500 kg beast with tusk comes charging down the road, no one will get in your way.
Flightless Bird These things are wicked fast, and pretty cheap. They are not the most durable, but they will definitely get you from A to B in a hurry. They often employed by mail delivery services.
Great Elk Found in forests where the spirits live, these beautiful creatures are timid but also kind and compassionate. Befriending one is often seen as a blessing among the wood elves, and riding one is viewed as a great honour.
Giant Snake One of the more odd concepts for a mount, but doable. Most owners have to keep an eye on their reptilian friends though in case they crush or swallow someone...
Wingless Griffon It is a real griffon and no, they do not clip off their wings. This griffon species are an offshoot that are naturally born without them. No one really knows why, but they actually make excellent mounts nonetheless.
Land Drakes These are not just giant lizards, or dinosaurs. They are actual dragons minus wings, meaning they can still do all the other dragon stuff, and are surprisingly fast.
Giant Hamster Its exactly what it sounds like, and a lot more popular with rich young people with too much money...
Great Cat (Lion or Tiger) Like Dire Wolves, and Mastiffs, they are not the easiest to train. If anything they are more difficult. Cat will do what a cat wants to do, and these bigger cats are no different.
Giant Lizard These beasts don't do so well in the cold, but in warmer conditions they can be quiet deadly. Having on as a mount can be useful as different species have unique things to offer. Some can climb walls or even ceilings very well, while others have long extendable tongues to reach that hard to get cookie jar. And yes,giant frogs can be ridden, and yes, it is fun.
Giant Insects Some are a really good idea, and some are a terrible, just down right horrible idea. And somewhere along the way, dark elves managed to make giant spiders work for them.
Giant Snail Its...a snail...keep away from salt?
Unicorn If you've got money and connects, and the resources to get a unicorn, it will be a total waste. Unicorns are magical creates that choose who rides them. Good luck forcing one, because it may just turn you into a newt for trying.
Dinosaur It is not just a giant lizard, and it will probably eat you if you die. Or try to eat you while your alive. Overall, its a cool concept, but very difficult to make work.

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Aerial mounts are probably one of the things almost everyone wants in their life. The ability to fly around, let alone have aerial superiority in combat is sought after by pretty much everyone.

Two types of people made aerial mounts cool, elves riding giant eagles, and the famed Pegasus Knights of Valantia who ride actual pegasi.


Crearure Things to know before you buy...
Giant Birds From eagles to falcons, these giant version of normal birds are more intelligent the most will every know or understand. These creatures have to be trained from an early age, and bond with the rider. In rare cases, wild giant avian species have been known to allow strangers to ride them, but this is usually a temporary arrangement.
Pegasi Horses are cool, flying horses are awesome. However, everyone always underestimates their wingspans, and these beasts do not do well in alleyways.
Flying Giant Insects Like their none flying distant cousins, some are a really good idea, and some are a terrible, just down right horrible idea. And somewhere along the way, goblins made actual giant flies work for them.
Hippogriffs Noble, and majestic, they are every bit as awesome in real life. However, similar giant birds, they need to bond with someone for quite sometime before being ridden.
Griffons Similar is a lot of ways to the Hippogriff, but replace the back end with a giant cat's. Its a little strange, but that the biggest difference. Some believe it was some god of mischief messing around and no one noticed.
Drakes & Wyverns A distant cousin of the dragon. Not as intelligent, or powerful, or majestic. So like, really distant cousin. But they still make for amazing mounts, and many knights made them popular riding them into battle.
Dragons A bond formed with a dragon is one made for life. They are as intelligent as any other creature can be, with some mature dragons able to cast spells and even speak in draconic. They also live a lot longer then any other creature, and will most likely outlive you.
Sky Fish Its weird, its possible, and its way more fun than it looks.
Cloud Whale Its literally, a giant whale that lives in the sky. You can ride it, but it most like won't even notice you're there.
Sky Turtle A lot of things live in the sky, include turtle like creatures that both fly and breath fire for some reason, because the gods apparently have a weird sense of humour.
Celestial Steed While it may look and sound like a horse, it is not actually a horse. Sometimes the spirits like to take form, and sometimes its a semi corporeal horse that looks like it has a the night sky for skin and bright stars for eyes with a mane that sparks like a nebula. Because reasons...

They don't need to eat or sleep, and when their physical form is too damaged it doesn't actually "die", but evaporates into energy and sparkly dust. It will eventually reform anywhere from a week to a few hundred years, it really is hard to tell.

**Key note, the sparkly dust goes really well with on roasted pork.

Winged Unicorns Unicorns are already awesome, but the winged variety take it to a whole new level. It is unclear, but some believe these magical steeds are some form of "mature" unicorn. Having grown wings after some unknown period of time. Their magic also is far more potent.

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