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Monks are men and women with legendary martial skill and abilities. Long ago, a monk from the far eastern lands of Cathay, journeyed to the west. He sought wisdom and knowledge, in the hope of achieving enlightenment. Along the way, he aided defenceless villages and faced goblin warbands with just his hands and feet as weapons. He was Sengchou, the Living Weapon.

The young monk claimed to be a disciple from a temple far away, and had journeyed to the west to broaden his horizons. Many would come to marvel at his ability to manipulate the elements without traditional magic, or he could break through stone and steel with just his bare hands.

Sengchou eventually befriended other heroes of the time, and together they defeated warlords and tyrants alike, facing demons and standing victorious against all odds. Perhaps the monk's greatest achievement was his duel with an ancient red dragon. It is said the two fought for nearly 7 days, until Sengchou defeated the noble serpent. Accepting defeat, the dragon granted the monk his knowledge and power, and if the legends are true, the two exchangde tea recipes.

It was this moment that the monk realised his journey was over and established a new monastic order in the Valley of Heaven's Reach. From this point on, monk warriors would come to be well known in the western lands, as many would journey to the temple to seek enlightenment, or encounter these skilled fighters in cities such as Haven Port.

More than One School Edit


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Not everyone is cut out to be a monk, and some try for years and never complete the trails. However, the skills of these individuals are no less lethal.

Some establish their own schools, seeking to find their own path in the martial arts. Others lose sight of themselves and use their new fighting abilities for their own personal gain. Whatever the case may be, the world is very aware that sometimes a fist or foot is all you need to get the job done.

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