Overview Edit

Once viewed as the weakest of all the races that inhabit Ixallia, humanity has become the most dominant in the world. While not extraordinarily strong, magically gifted, or even the most intelligent, what they possess is potential, and raw will. Humanity's tenacity and perseverance has allowed the human race to spread to nearly every corner of the globe.

Culturally diverse, humans can demonstrate the most compassion and love, while some can also prove to be the most vile and cruel. Its these extremes, and everything in between that make humans such a curiosity to so many. "No two humans are alike," is a common phrase among other races.

Friends and Foes Edit

In the past, humanity was beset upon all side by other races. Elves would kill any who would dare enter their forests, and the Dwarves constantly fought with the Northren kingdoms in the north. Orcs and goblins raided villages on a consistent basis, and the even the shadows themselves would come out at night to prey upon the unsuspecting.

One occasion, humans would ally themselves with Dwarves to fight against the frost giants, or with elves to deal with spider infested woods. Its these interactions over the centuries that eventually allowed a grand alliance to be possible when the forces of darkness emerged to consume the world. And since then, old enemies became allies.

Though rivalries still exist, things are not as chaotic as they once were.

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