Overview Edit

Relations between Elves and other races are turbulent at best most of the time. But sometimes things happen, and a child is born of two worlds. The most common half-elves are from a human and elf parent. In the past, these hybrids were rare, even frowned upon. A child belonged to neither culture but their own.

After the alliance, this changed dramatically. Half-Elves have become a more more commonplace, and far more socially accepted in placed like the Commonwealth. The majority of the time they adopted the culture of their human parents, but other elves have been known to accept them as well, such as most wood elf tribes in the Everglade Forest.

Appearance - Half-Elves are some times a bit taller than humans, with ears shorter than a full Elf's but still pointed. Most live longer lives than their human counterparts, thanks to their Elven blood. The longest living Half-Elf was recorded to be at least 300 years old. In in children born of a Half-Elf and human parentage, this trait tends to be expressed less and less with each generation.