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The Dwarves in Ixallia have built their legacy stone by stone, firmly establishing themselves as the master craftsmen of the world. As the power of the Elves waned, the Dwarves emerged from their mountain kingdoms and freely expanded. However, this rapid expansion put them at odds with the orcs and Frost Giants. Unlike other races, the magical abilities of the Dwarves are few and inferior, but what they lack in raw magical potential they make up for in hardiness and ingenuity.

Among all their achievements, perhaps one of their most well known and longest lasting is the Underways. This network of underground tunnels practically stretch through the entire continent. It was this network that ended up being a key to the rise of the Dwarven prominence. But some times, one should not dig too deep.

There are things below the earth that have long been forgotten, some are treasures more valuable than gold or platinum, and some are sleeping horrors that should never be awoken. It was these dangers that eventually forced the Dwarves to seal off much of the Underways, abandoning fortresses, outposts, and even whole cities. It would be the beginning of the end for their golden age, causing a fracturing among the clans.

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