Allies of Nature Edit

A deep connection to the nature and elemental forces is what defines a Druid. Most druidic practices evolved from the wood elves, but the spirits of nature grant knowledge and wisdom to any who wish to learn and open to their voice. As such, most druids, despite race, have a mutual respect for one another on some level.

Most Druids believe in maintaining of a balance of the natural order of the world, a harmony that must be observed and protected. Its no surprised that many druids dislike the progress machine that has developed in this new age, but few are aware that they disprove of the ways of wizards and mages. Druids view these magic users as forcefully imposing their will upon the elemental forces of nature, instead of working with them.

Druids can be found almost anywhere. While most come from tribal cultures like the Wood Elves and Wolfkin, there are some that come from smaller settlements or from the fringes of society, having a deeper respect for spirits of nature than to more mainstream deities.

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