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The Dogfolk of Ixallia are descended from clans of Wolfkin that lived alongside humans. It is unknown when

this symbiotic relationship began, but it believed in ages past, several Wolfkin clans found themselves fighting side by side with humans to battle an orc horde that plagued them both. When the immediate danger was passed, many of these Wolfkin abandoned their nomadic lifestyle, and began adopting many human customs.

Dogfolk consider themselves to be more "civilised" than their Wolfkin counterparts, and some look down upon their nomadic cousins. But this is not true for all of them. Some Dogfolk do keep regular contact with their families in the forests and countryside, having kept a strong bond with them over the centuries.

The customs and culture of the Dogfolk are somewhat unique, blending some of the older traditions of their Wolfkin past with whatever human customs are local to where they live. Unlike humans though, many Dogfolk still worship and venerate spirits and ancestors over more popular deities.

Appearance Edit


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While not as large and intimidating as the Wolfkin, the Dogfolk are more colourful and come in many shapes and sizes. Some have beautiful blonde fur and handsome features, and others are small and adorable with short hair and floppy ears.

Like the Wolfkin, they are bipedal canines, possessing pawed hands with opposable thumbs. Most Dogfolk have well kept hair, and some even enjoy bathing.

Clothes are not uncommon among them, though it is more fashion than function for them. Many city Dogfolk enjoy styling and accessorising their fur coats. Some even dye their coats different colours just to stand out from the crowd.