Servant of the Gods Edit


by Jung Jeon on ArtStation

A Cleric is a devout member of the cloth, and mortal conduits for godly powers. But, while they are most commonly known for being the healing hand of the Temple, they are also its iron fist should the need arise.

Unlike other magic casters, Clerics are able to connect into a divine power that is beyond the natural realms of the world. When this connection is recognised, these individuals are often taken to a temple or holy place to learn to hone their gifts.

In the past, the gods and spirits would make their voices heard to the Clerics, and have them carry out their wills on the mortal plane. But for quite some time, these godly voices have fallen silent. It has become difficult for many to maintain faith, and find purpose, but those that do are the most devout of followers. Even though divine powers still flow through the Clerics, the deity or purpose of such powers are unknown.

Part warrior, and part healer. Most Clerics learn to become proficient at channelling their gifts into healing and calming energies, but also train in martial combat. Not all evil can be cleansed with compassion and love, sometimes a good hit from a mace is necessary.

The orders of the Clerics are spread throughout the land, and normally requested as arbiters in disputes. Some even request to be trusted advisers, as their wisdom and knowledge of the divine is seen as key part of a good council. Then there are those that leave the order to pursue evil on a personal level, and join adventurers, believing it to the be path the gods have laid out for them.

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